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We have a fantastic selection of pashmina shawls for you to buy. Whether you want stunning embroidered shawls, or the elegant class of plain silk/pashmina wool shawls, we have something for you.

You can navigate through our stunning selection of pashmina shawls in several ways: you can choose to 'Buy' or 'Browse' from the navigation bar above, to view a range of shawls at your leisure. Or view all pashminas currently in stock.

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We are passionate about pashminas, and as such also like to share tips about how to care for your pashmina, and also style tips for wearing them. As you browse through our site, we recommend you take some time to study these sections and the useful tips they contain.

Silk Pashmina Silk/Pashmina Shawls

A NEW range of silk/pashmina wool (30%/70%) shawls now available in a variety of plain, banded and patterned designs from £19.
Patterned Shawl Patterned Shawls

Patterned viscose and wool shawls at amazing prices, with many unique designs.
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